MSNBC: Baby Formula Shortage Could Last the Rest of the Year

‘The longer this crisis stretches on, the more desperate parents are going to get’


WITT: “Meantime, back here at home, we’re learning some new details today about the nationwide baby formula shortage and how long it might last. The CEO of Perrigo, that is a company that makes store brand formulas for retailers like Walmart and Amazon, telling Reuters that we may see shortages through the rest of this year. It comes as pressure is mounting on the White House to take action as parents are growing increasingly desperate. Let’s go to NBC’s Steve Patterson who’s got the latest for us on this. Steve, to you.”

PATTERSON: “Yeah, the longer this crisis stretches on, the more desperate parents are going to get to try to track down this formula to take care of their children. This was a production chain problem, followed by a factory shutdown. And production has not restarted. So, with millions of infants relying on that formula, parents are doing anything they can to track it down.”

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