Elie Mystal Calls Justice Clarence Thomas ‘the Most Corrupt Justice in American History’

‘Who is going to tell Clarence Thomas no?’


MYSTAL: “Clarence Thomas is arguably with his wife, the most corrupt justice in American history. We have never in American history had a situation where justices spouse is out there advocating for things, pinning medals on people and then bringing those people to their spouses courtroom. That just doesn’t happen. For one of the most corrupt justices in American history, then be lecturing other people on the sacredness of the institution, that is mind-bogglingly insulting, but this is what Clarence Thomas does. And at least out somewhat we were doing before. Who’s going to check him? Who is going to check these people. Who’s going to tell Clarence Thomas, now. And when you looked at people who are frustrated with the response to these people, it is who is going to tell these people know? Who’s going to tell his people’s, stop?”

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