Elie Mystal: Trump’s Greatest Skill Is Finding ‘Stooges’ Who Will Go To Jail for Him

‘And it looks like Kevin McCarthy is next’


MYSTAL: “Think about it this way, it is interesting that they subpoenaed these five congressman, and not like Marjorie Taylor Greene, not Lauren Boebert. They subpoenaed the people who talked to Donald Trump, and they’re less interested in who helped the little people stormed the Capitol and more interested in what the president knew, when the president knew, it and what the president did or did not do to stop it. Then we subpoena people who we believe their public leaks had actual conversations or meetings with the president either on the day, during the insurrection, or in the planning of the insurrection. That seems like a very specific focus. They did subpoena Lindsey Graham, and they did subpoena anybody they think of about some attachment to January six. They subpoenaed the people who talk to the president. All these Congress people have to do is tell people what they said to the president. That’s literally all anybody’s asking them to do. One of the things that people have to understand about Donald Trump, I don’t know how he is done, it but his greatest skill is to find stooges you are willing to take the fall and go to jail for him. Only Michael Cohen has bugged him.”

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