Sen. Johnson: Throwing Molotov Cocktail into Pro-Life Office ‘Fits’ FBI Definition of ‘Domestic Terrorism’

‘The FBI director, and Merrick Garland, and the President...they’re not even speaking out against it’

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JOHNSON: “Well, good morning. And, of course, there are parents showing up at school board meetings concerned about incock try nateing our — indoctrinating our children. Here’s the pbi’s deaf initiation an I’d lodge create-driven criminal act made in furtherance of a domestic ideological goal. I think throwing a molotov cocktail into a pro-life office fits that definition. But apparently the FBI director, Merrick Garland and the president of the United States do not. Heir not even speaking out against it, and I don’t know what kind of resources they’re putting into investigating.”

(via Fox News)

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