GOP Lawmaker: The Biden Admin Shut Down Largest Manufacturer of Baby Formula with No Plan

‘Nobody is debating the morality of feeding children’


CAMMACK: “Well, I think that the fact checkers need to be fact-checked. Listen, we all know that The Washington Post became an army of left-wing activists a long time ago. So they can keep on with their story trying to push this crazy agenda. But we know that the facts are that the Biden Administration and the FDA, they shut down our nation’s largest manufacturer of baby formula with no plan in place to backfill the 43 percent of the market share that they make up. And again, the White House says they’ve been working on this for months with no plan, and just yesterday was the first time that Biden met with manufacturers? Convenient that they left out that they didn’t meet with Abbott, the manufacturer that Biden’s FDA shut down. They can’t get any phone calls returned from the FDA, no emails. And as we saw in the FDA’s own press release, Abbott I was cleared and there was no connection between those tragic deaths of those two infants and the findings in their manufacturing facility. Now, the White House won’t give any updates about manufacturing coming back online. I can tell you, it takes weeks. And for the FDA to continue to wrap this all up in red tape, it’s a slap in the face to every parent in America right now. I think I speak on behalf of all young mothers when I say this is unacceptable. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or Democrat, this is unacceptable. And no one is debating the morality of feeding children. I think we can all agree this is absolutely critical. But are we America first or are we America last? That’s the question.”

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