Sen. John Thune: ‘It’s Pretty Clear that Reversing Title 42 Is Going to Create Major Problems’

‘It’s important, I believe, that the administration reconsider that position’


THUNE: "We’re just a couple of weeks away from the May 23rd deadline, the time which the administration has said that they are going to repeal Title 42 when it comes to our border. And as you look at what’s happening at the border and the illegal immigration, the number, the flows that are coming across the border illegally, the crime, the drug overdoses in this country, which are at epidemic levels. It's pretty clear that reversing Title 42 is going to create major problems for our country. They’re predicting already, as you know, about 18,000 per day coming across the border, and you compare that back to pre-pandemic, about 1,600 per day. That adds up to about half a million per month coming across the border illegally. And it’s important, I believe, that the administration reconsider that position."

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