Biden: ‘We Designed the American Rescue Plan Not Only to Beat the Pandemic but to Rebuild our Economy and Restore Public Safety’

‘We understood the challenge from the beginning’


BIDEN: “We all agreed, as I’ve said from the outset, that the answer is not to defund the police, the answer is to fund the police with the resources and training they need to protect our communities, investing in crime prevention and accountable community police officers who walk the beat, know the neighborhood and who can restore trust and safety in the neighborhoods. That’s what it is, when you know who owns a local liquor store, know who the pastor of the church is. It makes a big difference when you know the community and that’s been my approach from day one. That’s why we designed the American Rescue Plan, not only to beat the pandemic, but to rebuild our economy, but to restore public safety. And we understood the challenge from the beginning.”

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