Jim Jordan on Jan. 6 Subpoenas: Democrats Have Broken ‘Every Precedent You Can Imagine’

‘Democrats are breaking every norm we have operating under the Constitution with our government’


JORDAN: “This is just one more step in the crazy things they’re doing, all the while you have moms who can’t get formula —“

FAULKNER: “Oh, we know.”

JORDAN: “— you have 41-year high inflation, on and on we go. Think about that. Moms can’t get formula and everything they need for their sons and daughters, for their family costs more and oh, by the way, we’re going to target you if you show up at a school board meeting advocating for your child. That’s what this administration has done. And what are Democrats doing? Breaking every precedent, every norm we have that keeps our separate and equal branches of government operating the way they’re supposed to under the Constitution.”

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