Jim Jordan: The Steele Dossier Was ‘Made Up’

‘It was all made up’


JORDAN: “Well, I think the big takeaway here is four years ago there was a bunch of us who thought this was all made up. Now we know for sure it was all made up. And on Monday we start to get some of the details that we didn’t know about, that we haven’t learned about yet. I think that’s sort of where this is going. We’ll see what comes out Monday. But this idea to me has always been key, is how did the FBI not know that what Sussmann brought them, when he brought this material, that he wasn’t working for the Clinton campaign? I mean, he sends an email to Jim Baker, the chief counsel of the FBI, the next day he shows up and gives him information. How did Jim Baker not know that he was working for the Clinton campaign? I find that the interesting part of all this. We’ll see if that comes out in any way in the trial. We begin to get the details Monday. But we have suspected and now we know for sure this was — the dossier was made up and the whole Trump communication with the Alfa Bank, that was made up as well.”

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