Absolute Chaos in the White House Briefing Room for Jen Psaki’s Last Day

‘Simon, if you could respect your colleagues’

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PSAKI: "Go ahead."
REPORTER: "Thank you. On the issue of the formula shortage."
ATEBA: "Jen, can I ask you a question from the back?"
UNKNOWN FEMALE: "Simon, please stop."
ATEBA: "I can stop. But you know --"
ATEBA: "-- fifteen months --"
UNKNOWN FEMALE: "-- please show some respect." [crosstalk]
REPORTER: "First of all, thank you for your service. And thank you for your --" [crosstalk]
ATEBA: "That's what I'm saying."
REPORTER: "On the issue of formula, I think if anything this president has reminded everyone --" [crosstalk]
ATEBA: "It could be outside or inside of briefing room --"
PSAKI: "Simon, if you could respect your colleagues and other media and reporters in here that would be greatly appreciated.”

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