Good Morning America: ‘Parents Worried, Frustrated, Scrambling’ to Find Baby Formula

‘Hoarding is also a big concern’


BRUCE (voice-over): "Across the country, parents worried, frustrated, scrambling to find formula."
PARENT: "What happens when we can’t find it? Does our baby just starve?"
BRUCE (voice-over): "In stores, the shelves empty. An estimated 40 percent of brands out of stock."
PARENT: "Not only can we not find it, but when we do find it, there’s always a 20 percent markup on it."
BRUCE (voice-over): "On eBay, one specialty formula for infants with a milk allergy now selling more than double its normal price. Hoarding is also a big concern. Companies like CVS and Walgreens now limiting purchases to three per customer."

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