Jen Psaki Won’t Say if Biden ‘Could Have Done More’ on Nationwide Baby Formula Shortage

‘I don’t have any specific analysis of that at this moment in time’


REPORTER: "It does seem like we should've seen this coming, that maybe the FDA could have done more on the baby formula shortage. The whistleblower, who used to work and at that plant, warned the FDA top officials about safety concerns in October, but they didn’t interview that whistleblower until December, the inspection wasn’t until January 31st. The recall happened February 17th. So, is that timeline acceptable to the White House, and if not, what is the White House doing to correct that at the FDA?"

PSAKI: "I’m sure there will be plenty of time to take a look at if there are any issues that could have been improved here. I don’t have any specific analysis of that at this moment in time."

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