Tucker on Republicans Who Voted for Ukraine Aid: A Middle Finger to Republican Voters

‘We want to invite any Republican senators who plan on voting to this to come on the show’


CARLSON: “A few senators dodged. Pat Toomey, Tim Scott, Cindy Hyde-Smith all refused to give us a direct answer. We want to invite any Republican senator who plans on voting for this to come on this show and explain why. Please tell us. We'll let you talk as much as you want. We're not going to sandbag you. We want to know why this is in America's interest, why this is more important than the pressing crises all around us that the rest of us notice and apparently you don't. So, tell us. You're always welcome. Until they accept, we're joined by Stephen Miller, the former senior advisor to President Trump and we're happy to have him. Stephen Miller, thanks so much for coming on. I can't think of a clearer middle finger to Republican voters than what happened last night."

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