Carson on Immigration: ‘Our Government Is Working Against the American People’

‘They need to be working for the American people, not against them’

RADDATZ: “Let’s talk about some of the issues. In a speech to the Values Voters Summit on Friday, you said many of the immigrants trying to cross the border into the U.S. Are hardened criminals from Iraq, Somalia and Russia? I have not seen any figures that point to that. Do you have evidence that many are hardened criminals from those countries?”
CARSON:” Well, I -- I talked to a number of the sheriffs on the borders and they’ve told me what kind of people are coming over. So I’m not sure that I would trust, quite frankly, any figures coming from the government, given the fact that they are the ones who are problematic. You know, a lot of these people who are captured, it’s ICE who comes along and says, you must release these people. And that’s not helpful to the American people. They need to be working for the American people, not against them.”
RADDATZ: “ICE is working against the American people?”
CARSON: “No, I’m talking about our government working against the American people. ICE and -- is causing the sheriffs, who are putting their lives at risk, are causing them to release these people. It’s -- and into our country. That doesn’t make any sense. And we don’t have people at the border. They’re 70 miles inland. Those fences are a joke. And we’re -- we’ve had examples like in Yuma County where we’ve been able to stop 97 percent of the illegal flow, and those programs, they abolish. They don’t want that. What is wrong with them?”


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