Hannity Praises Trevor Noah’s Jokes on W.H. Correspondent’s Dinner, Also Calls the Event a ‘Super Spreader Event’

‘Why these late-night comedians try to force a political agenda?’


HANNITY: “All the years have been a media not once have I ever been to the White House correspondents’ dinner. My record stands I didn’t show up this year, apparently it turned out to be a super spreader event anyway some got it and go.


I’m never been once. I’m never my entire life thought that Trevor Noah was funny, I watch the show seem like every other comedian late-night comedian to liberal so is one-sided, I washed some clubs after he went after Fox News, CNN, vacancy and news, CNN plus, he went after Republicans he went after Democrats when after Trump, he went after everybody I said wow for the first time he’s funny. Go ahead. Why these late-night comedians try to force a political agenda?”

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