The View’s Behar Refers to White House Correspondents Dinner as a ‘Super-Spreader’ Right Before Two Co-Hosts Reveal They Will Be Attending

‘That whole dinner is a super-spreader, I’ve been there many times’

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BEHAR: “Dr. Fauci also said he’s not attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this weekend after making an individual assessment of his personal risk, but President Biden is still going. Do you think that he should maybe stay home? That is a super spreader — that whole dinner is a super spreader. I have been there many times. There’s a lot of people. They all sit on top of each other.”

HOSTIN: “And I’ve been there too. I’m actually going to go on Saturday, but — listen —“

BEHAR: “You will be wearing a mask.”

HOSTIN: “I’m going to be wearing a mask, but not the entire time. Right? Because we’re eating, we’re going to be drinking. But the thing is it’s about personal assessment and personal freedom! Isn’t that what everybody wanted in this country?”

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