Tom Bevan: Dems Have No Plan on How to Gain Approval Points Ahead of the Midterms

‘The problem that Biden and the Democrats have is they think this is a communication problem’

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BEVAN: “The Democrats are kind of stuck. Voters have no one to blame but Democrats. They control the House, they control the Senate, they control the White House. And so as they look around and see 8.5 percent inflation. $5 gas, prices up at the grocery store, they are not feeling very good about things. And the problem that Biden has and the Democrats have is they think it’s a communication problem. Biden just said the other day. People just don't -- they don’t understand. And that’s not a winning message, to insult voters and say, listen, if you just weren’t dumb and you can just see all the good we've done for you, that’s not a message that's going to win people to the polls. And so, I think they are really stuck. And there is no indication that things are going to be turning around. The best things for Democrats right now is the election is still six months away. There is time to claw back on and for Biden to win back some points on his approval rating but as of right now they don’t seem to have any sort of plan on how to do that."

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