Shermichael Singleton: ‘Republicans Have Done an Outstanding Job’ on Turning Things Like CRT into Mainstream Issues

‘This is a really, really horrible environment for Democrats this year’


SINGLETON: “Well, Alex, I think they’re going to see it and they're going to feel it if Democrats talk about it, if they get better at telling the American people what the president is doing, what the Democrats are doing under Democratic administration, under democratic leadership. Now, as you stated, there is some bipartisan efforts here with president. I think many of these things are very positive things. I think anytime we can avoid a paradox and support good policy, good legislative efforts that really do help the American people, particularly those who need help the most amongst us I think should receive bipartisan support and applause. With that said to answer your specific question, though, about whether or not it will help Democrats, I just don’t know if it will, Alex. I think this is a really really horrible environment for Democrats this year. Republicans have done an outstanding job, whether you agree with them or not, on turning things like CRT, Critical Race Theory, and a bunch of other things into mainstream issues that are now causing supreme division, if you will, among voters. And you do have a lot of voters sort of ask themselves, particularly those folks in the middle, 'Well, do I really want this taught in school?’ Whether or not it’s taught in school or not, right, Alex. And so, I think Democrats have to do a better job at being able to paint Republicans in the way that Republicans have done an effective job painting Democrats."

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