MSNBC: Fourth Bus Arrives in D.C. with Migrants from the Border

‘It’s a 30 to 40-hour trip by bus from southern Texas’


GRUMBACH: “It has to do with title 42, the Trump era order to prevent migrants from coming into the United States as a Covid precaution. President Biden has said he’s bringing that order to an end on may 23rd, and Texas governor Greg Abbott is not happy about that at all. He’s doing two different things. First, up until last night, he was slowing down commercial trucks coming in from Mexico to Texas that were filled with produce. We’re talking about tomatoes, avocados, vegetables, standing for hours, even days trying to get in as they undergo different kinds of inspections. That stop last night, what he’s continuing to do is stop buss from Texas to Washington, D.C. And now we’re talking through the process of some of these migrant buses.”

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