Sen. Bill Cassidy to Education Secretary Cardona: ‘Back Off of Our Charter Schools’

‘The charter school program has enjoyed bipartisan support for nearly 30 years’


CASSIDY: "This rule makes no mention of how many of these new restrictions improve student achievement or actually help students. And at a time when students are falling behind in record numbers, we need new and innovative approaches to our education system, not just hand the keys over to a special interest group. The truth is, these rules would give less choice to families, will hold students back and do more harm than good. Now, the charter school program has enjoyed bipartisan support for nearly 30 years. Any substantial change to the program should go through Congress and receive thoughtful consideration. And parent choice for the school their child attends should not be gutted by an informal committee of union employees and Education Department officials. Those of us who care about student, those of us who see the role of charter schools, we have one message to Secretary of Education Cardona: Back off of our charter schools."

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