Rubio: Someone’s Faith Should Not Disqualify Them from Being President

‘Whether you are a Muslim, or a Catholic, or anything – if you have radical views and values you are not going to get elected in this country’

HANNITY: "I agree with you. We got to secure the borders first. I think that's a good first step. Last question: the issue has come up in recent days about a Muslim being president. Dr. Ben Carson said I would not advocate we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I would not agree with that. If you look at Muslim countries, it seems that many of them -- their values are the antithesis of values we cherish in this country, incompatible with American values. Especially countries that -- that practice Sharia. What is your take on his statement and what is your take on -- on the overall position that a Muslim could be president?" 
RUBIO: "Well, let me start by saying, I personally know for -- first of all, that there are Americans that are Muslims and are also very patriotic, and they love the United States of America, and they don't want to see Sharia law. They don't want to see any sort of thing like that happen in this country. I don't believe anyone should be disqualified from the presidency because of their denomination or because of their faith. I believe in that strongly, as a country. Now I personally also believe if someone believes in Sharia law they're not going to be elected to anything, much less the presidency. That's just the fact. But -- but I do believe you can and there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people in this country who are Muslim,  but love America, don't want to see -- they're not political about their religious views with regards to the way you would see in some other countries around the world. And I -- and I guess because I know there are people out there that love America, they even served in our Armed Forces. And -- and some are in elected office. So -- but I personally do not believe that your religious denomination should disqualify you from serving in office. I think that's what's voters decide on -- on a variety of issues including the values of someone. And I just to say this whether you're Muslim or a Catholic or anything -- if you have radical views and values, you're not can get elected in this country. At least I would hope and certainly someone that supports Sharia would not get elected in this country." 
HANNITY: "Well said. Senator, good to see you again. Thank you for being with us."
RUBIO: "Thank you -- thank you."

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