Trump: ‘I Don’t Think It’s My Obligation to Defend’ Obama on Whether He’s a Muslim

‘Is the president going to defend me because last night during the Emmy awards people said things about me?’

GUTHRIE: "One more thing about this. He also said the president is Muslim, and the president is not an American. Do you take any responsibility for the popularity of those views, when you yourself for many, many years were a big proponent of the notion that the president was not born in the United States? Do you bear any responsibility for the fact that -- that voters who think that, are attracted to your campaign?"
TRUMP: "Well, Savannah, he made statements. It's not my obligation to defend the president. And is the president going to defend me, because last night during the Emmy Awards people said things about me? Or is the president going to hold a news conference today and defend me today? I don't think so."
GUTHRIE: "But the question is: do you feel responsible for attracting those views?" [crosstalk]
TRUMP: "I don't think it's my obligation to defend him. I mean, I have no obligation to defend him, and most people agree with that. Now, you know, when he makes his statements, he's asking me a question. I actually said nothing. This is the first time in my entire life that people have made something controversial with respect to that. I said nothing."
GUTHRIE: "But I think that's because it's so striking, Donald, for you not to say something. That's why people think by remaining silent you tacitly agreed."
TRUMP: "Well, the man was asking a question, and I decided why should I come to the defense of the president. He's not going to come to my defense. And I think most people agreed with what I did."

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