Scarborough: I Hope Conservatives Enjoy the Money They’re Making, Because They’ve Sold Their Souls

‘The lies catch up, it may take time, but they catch up’


SCARBOROUGH: "And of course, let's never forget as far as Orban goes, Putin’s closest friend in NATO, a man who hates liberal democracy and has said as much. Let's not forget that so-called conservatives, they used to pretend to be conservatives have now taken up their cause with Viktor Orban, many of them even being paid off by Orban to sit there and parrot what he believes in his hatred of liberal democracy, his hatred for western democracy, his hatred for a free press, his hatred for diversity. His hatred for immigration. His hatred for the very things that have made this country so extraordinary, and the very thing that Vladimir Putin doesn’t have right now. He doesn’t have descending voices, just like Orban, he doesn't have descending voices that's why he’s being lied to. That's why his army is being destroyed in the battlefield by a fierce Ukrainian resistance. And that’s why he’s looking like a fool in front of the whole world. I hope these so-called conservatives enjoy the money they’re making, because they’ve sold their souls."

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