Rep. Matt Gaetz Questions FBI Cyber Chief Who Says He Can’t Find Hunter Biden’s Laptop

‘Have you assessed whether or not the first family is compromised as a result of the Hunter Biden laptop?’

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GAETZ: “But that is shocking that you wouldn’t as the assistant director of cyber know whether or not there are international business deals, kickbacks, shakedowns that are on this laptop, that would make the First Family suspect to some sort of compromise. Mr.. Assistant Director, have you assessed whether or not the First Family is compromised as a result of the Hunter Biden laptop?”

VORNDRAN: “Sir, as a representative of the FBI cyber program, it is not in the realm of my responsibilities to deal with the questions that you’re asking me.”

GAETZ: “Has anyone at FBI cyber been asked to make assessments whether or not the laptop creates a point of vulnerability?”

VORNDRAN: “Sir, we have multiple lines of investigative responsibility in the FBI. They’re all available on public source.”

GAETZ: “I would think you’d know this one. I mean, I would think that if the President’s son, who does international business deals, referencing the now-president with the Chinese, with Ukrainians, I mean, have you assessed whether or not the Hunter Biden laptop gives Russia the ability to harm our country?”

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