Sen. Ernst: ‘The President Is Literally Gaslighting the American People’

‘He feels if he says it enough, people are going to believe fuel prices were Putin’s fault’


ERNST: "Fuel prices have been going up since day one of the Biden administration. And how did that happen? One, he stopped the Keystone XL pipeline. That was on day one. He has certainly banned any new drilling and then come along with all of the red tape, as Senator Barrasso outlined, for actually drilling to get those resources here in the United States, and the President has failed to live up to his promises when it comes to biofuels all across the Midwest, which would benefit the entire United States if we would utilize more of our home-grown energy resources. So let’s not be fooled. The President is literally gaslighting the American people. He feels if he says it enough, people are going to believe that fuel prices were Putin's fault. We know that’s not true. So folks, let’s all step up, let’s push this administration to get over their deranged climate policy and let’s unleash American energy."

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