Pompeo: The Reagan and Trump Model Protected American Interests Everywhere They Went

‘We should be providing all the tools the Ukrainian people need to defend themselves’


POMPEO: "Those two models were very consistent. They were speak pretty softly, but when it was time to swing into action, you did it with full force, you weren’t late, you weren’t behind, you weren’t slow, you were protecting America’s interests everywhere you went. In your opening you talked about the moral imperative to do this. I think President Zelenskyy talked about that eloquently today. But there is an important American set of interests here as well that we need not forget, right? The American economy is going to be impacted by this, fertilizer, food, oil and gas all going to be more expensive because the Biden demonstration put climate change ahead of protecting sovereignty and freedom in this place. I think you have it right. We should be providing all the tools the Ukrainian people need to defend themselves. We have them, the Europeans have them, they can do an awful lot more too, but instead President Biden has been behind, he's allowed Vladimir Putin to dictate the pace and the response, he's allowed Vladimir Putin to dominate how we think about the structure of what’s taking place here and we can do better than this.”

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