O’Malley: Dem Party Is ‘Doing Nothing’ When It Comes to Pushing Back Against GOP Vitriol

‘Last night, I mean, I didn’t see the debate, I read the accounts – these folks are running for the highest office in the land … all this time spent on the issues that have very little to do with main issue on the table’

DÍAZ-BALART: “So governor, how would you feel if the DNC drops the exclusivity clause but holds firm on keeping the number of sanctioned debates at six, for example?”

O’MALLEY: “I think the exclusivity clause is also should be dropped. That’d be a step in the right direction. But look, it's enough for evil to succeed in this world for good people to say and to do nothing. And right now the Democratic Party is saying and doing nothing when it comes to pushing back against the sort of vitriol we're hearing from the Republicans. I mean, last night I didn't see the debate. I read the accounts. These folks are running for the highest office in the land, and you would think that we're all pitching for the job of being your fence contractor. All this time spent on issues that have very little to do with the main issue on the table, which is how do we get wages to go up for more Americans? How do we make our economy work for all Americans again? And that's what we have to offer as a party. On affordable college, expanded paid family leave. These are the things we need to be talking about to counteract the sort of falsehoods and bad economic policies their party's putting out. So I’m looking forward to the debates. But look, telling New Hampshire they can only have one before New Hampshire, telling Iowa only one date before Iowa? That’s never happened before. And I think people find it insulting. It’s beneath us as the party.”

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