Krauthammer: Fiorina Won the Debate, Rubio Came in a Close Second

Krauthammer said that Carly Fiorina got an A- because ‘these debates hinge on moments, and she had two great moments’


Columnist and Fox News Contributor Charles Krauthammer said that Carly Fiorina won the second primetime presidential debate, with Florida Senator Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)80%  in a close second, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in third.

Krauthammer said, “I thought Trump had a C- performance. I thought he didn’t do that well in the first debate either, but that got kind of lost in the shuffle. He was on the receiving end of a few pretty strong [responses] I think. The strongest was the Fiorina one, where he really didn’t have much to say other than a sarcastic you’re gorgeous, or whatever he said. On policy, like in the first debate, he wasn’t up to speed the way the others were. Now — and again, that repeats what happened in the first debate, and yet didn’t hurt him. Whether it’s going to affect him, I don’t know. But it is harder for him, in an arena where there are other people well-versed in the issues than it is when he’s up alone on the stage, he’s a talented performer, and we can handle the flow and the ebb of the conversation because it’s a monologue, and he does extremely well. But I think that’s not forum for him.

Krauthammer put Dr. Ben Carson “in the same range,” and like in the first debate Carson was “rather weak on the issues, but he had this fantastic response at the end, which had endeared him to everyone, and I think just kind of rocketed him up. He didn’t have that moment this time. He had one kind of winning moment when he turned to Trump about the vaccines and said, you’re an okay doctor, which I thought was soft, you know, characteristically soft and clever. But he didn’t shine. Again, this is not his kind of forum.”

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