Joy Behar Forced To Name 3 Good Things About Trump

Of the three things she named, the idea that he would allow Syrians immigrants into the country has already been disputed by Trump himself, who flip-flopped on that issue within the span of about a day

Joy Behar Forced to Name 3 Good Things About Trump (Mediaite)

As she ably proved when Donald Trump called into The View last week, Joy Behar is not a big fan of the GOP frontrunner (she even appeared to forget his name at one point, which must of made him insane).

But on last night’s Watch What Happens Live, Bravo’s Andy Cohen forced Behar to come up with three things she thinks he would do well as president.

Behar had already “pleaded the fifth” once when asked who the worst View co-host of all-time was, so after admitted what annoys her the most about Barbara Walters, she had no choice but to say some nice things about The Donald.

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