Scott Walker: Gov’t. Should Be Run by the People, Not Unions

‘We don’t need the big government union bosses — the federal government shouldn’t be paying for union lobbying’

HANNITY: “Welcome back to ‘Hannity.’ Governor Scott Walker held a rally in Vegas yesterday and made big headlines by announcing a bold new plan to take on the federal government unions. Joining us now with more details, 2016 presidential candidate Governor Scott Walker. By the way, you know, one of the things I've always really admired about you, Governor, whether people agree with you or not, you were willing to let your entire political career go down because you thought the issue with unions in your state was that pivotal. Are you -- is this pretty much the same plan, except nationally?”

WALKER: “Yes, really, we're taking that plan and we're saying this is power to the people, not the big government union bosses. We pushed back on the National Labor Relations Board. We eliminate it. Remember when they tried to stop Boeing from bringing those jobs into South Carolina. We make for national right to work. We give the presumption so that all state and local workers, as well as private sector workers, would have the freedom to choose whether they be in a labor union or not. And we stop federal labor unions. We don't need the big government union bosses. One of the most amazing things is last year alone -- or in 2012, I should say, the last year we have information, there were more than 3.3 million hours. That's $156 million of taxpayers' money spent on official time, time that federal employees spent on union and lobbying. That's really not what the federal government should be paying for. The federal government should be run by the people and not by the unions.”

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