David Brock: Just ‘Due Diligence’ for Us to Liken Bernie Sanders to Hugo Chavez

‘I don’t think there is anything new or surprising about this’

HEILEMAN: "I'll ask you a question that is not about the book to start off. You have a book -- you have a group that is called "Correct the record" who sent an e-mail to the Huffington Post attacking Ernie Sanders. -- Attacking Bernie Sanders, linking him to Hugo Chavez, suggesting that he was sympathetic to Hezbollah. Senator Sanders came back with this statement, saying it's the kind of onslaught I expected to see from the Koch brothers. How do you respond to that?" 

BROCK: "We are doing due diligence on secretary Hunton's opponents. -- Secretary Clinton's opponents. We move a lot of media in the round in the press about Republicans and about 63 Clinton, a Democratic primary opponent. I don't think there is anything new or surprising about this."

HEILEMAN: "Senator Sanders did not say a negative word about Hillary Clinton is a part. Illusory Clinton --Hillary Clinton has not said something negative about senator Sanders. Why compare him to these unsavory folks?" 

BROCK: "There are three issues that both senator Clinton and Senator Sanders are campaigning on successfully. You're going to have to draw some contrasts." 

HEILEMAN: "Do you think Bernie Sanders resembles Hugo Chavez?" 

BROCK: "The research doesn't say that, no." 

HEILEMAN: "But by raising the comparison, it seems you are saying that." 

BROCK: "The research is fact-based, people can look at it and weight it." 

HEILEMAN: "Is that the beginning -- do you see it as your role to do the dirty work for the Clinton campaign that they don't want to do against Bernie Sanders directly?" 

BROCK: This is no dirty work--" 

HEILEMAN: "Hugo Chavez is pretty dirty work." 

BROCK: "It's just the process. It's a democratic process that we are going to go through.

HEILEMAN: "What is the contrast you are drawing without e-mail?" 

BROCK: "We are not parts of senator Sanders -- we are putting out parts of senator Sanders' record. Most of my book is about the vehicle rich of Hillary Clinton. Sometimes I do the media's homework for them. We supply research and facts." 

HALPERIN: "What is the contrast? You are saying, what about Bernie Sanders compared to Hillary Clinton with that e-mail?" 

BROCK: "I am for greater scrutiny of those that they are doing to Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders is doing well in the primaries. I don't hear much coverage of his substantive record. Where's the investigation of Donald Trump's finances, or is it just the Clintons?"

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