‘It’s the Best!’: Chelsea Clinton on Hillary at Home with the Grandchild

‘I didn’t know it would be such a joy of parenting to see my parents as grandparents, but it really has been’

GUTHRIE: “What’s she like as a grandmother? I mean, paint us a picture of Hillary Clinton at home, hanging out, talking baby talk.”

CLINTON: “Oh, it’s the best. I mean, I didn’t know it would be such a joy of parenting to see my parents as grandparents, but it really has been. I love watching my mom read to Charlotte, sing to her, support her, quite literally, because as we were talking earlier, Savannah, Charlotte’s starting to stand and she’s trying to figure out how to walk, so there’s a lot of actual support, just not sort of figurative support, and nurturing. I love seeing my mom as a grandmother.”

GUTHRIE: “You say see sings. Does she have a good voice?”

CLINTON: “Not at all. Not at all. But ‘Wheels on the Bus’ is very popular in my house so anyone who is around Charlotte at some point is going to get conscripted to ‘Wheels on the Bus.’ And my mom is a great ‘Wheels on the Bus’ singer.”

GUTHRIE: “Last thing before I let you go, I had to laugh when I read in People last week that you said your husband Mark, who is a wonderful dad, hands on, doesn’t like to change the diapers, to which I say he needs to read chapter four of this book.”

CLINTON: “He’s working on it. He’s working on it. He’s really rather mortified that I shared that so he’s been changing lots of diapers in the last week. I didn’t know that that would have the impact it would. If I did, I would have talked to People much earlier.”

GUTHRIE: “Yeah, exactly, exactly. Chelsea Clinton, it’s a pleasure to have you here, thank you so much.”

CLINTON: “Thank you, Savannah.”

GUTHRIE: “Again, the book is called ‘It’s Your World’.”

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