Hannity: Trump Would Do an ‘Operation Warp Speed’ on Oil Production to Solve This Oil Crisis if He Was President

‘If he was called in to help solve this situation, I know what Donald Trump would do’


HANNITY: "Kayleigh McEnany, you know Donald Trump as well as I do. If he was asked, called in to help solve this situation, I think I know what Donald Trump would do. He would call every major energy company in this country and he would say to them, 'Guys, we need Operation Warp Speed. I will lift every restriction. I will open every oil field, every gas cap, and we will Warp Speed as much energy production as possible, as quickly as possible. We will get that energy to our allies as soon as possible.' That would solve a lot of problems. But Joe Biden said today that he won’t stop the flow of Russian oil, and we are still importing Russian oil in this country. This is insanity."

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