S.E. Cupp: Donald Trump ‘Clearly Isn’t Interested in Growing the Republican Party’

‘Donald Trump clearly isn’t interested in growing the Republican Party or any other party’

CUPP: “Well, we weren't supposedly doing it. We were doing it. We rightly acknowledged and we, being the RNC and conservatives, I think in general, rightly acknowledged that you don't win by subtraction. You win by addition. And Donald Trump clearly isn't interested in growing the Republican Party or any other party. I don't think that he's all that interested in preserving the strength and survival of the conservative movement. He never talks about conservatism. You never hear him talk about how conservatism is empowering on x, y, z policy issues. So to Ana's point, if I were trying to break out in this debate, I would try to point out -- I'd keep the audience in mind. If you're tuning into a Republican primary debate in September of 2015, chances are, you're a Republican. I would try to instruct the audience and show the audience that Donald Trump doesn't care about growing the party, vis-a-vis his comments on immigration, and doesn't care about the conservative movement. I think most Republicans, even those fed up with Washington, would say that's important in their next presidential nominee.” 


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