Sara Carter: Russia and China See an Opportunity to Change the World Geopolitically ‘Because the Biden Admin Is Just so Weak’

‘In all reality, the U.S. under the Biden Admin made [the Ukraine border crisis] happen’


CARTER: "Well, look, you don’t put 150,000 troops along the border, I mean, Russia is certainly vying for its power. It's certainly showing its force out on the frontlines. We can see — Zelensky is now in talks with the United States, there's a lot of concern now. The Biden administration and its failure, foreign policy failures is worldwide now, we’ve not only seen it here on our national level. We’ve seen it at the border. We’re also seeing it, of course, right now in Ukraine and this is a potentially very dangerous situation for everyone. Not just for our European partners and our allies. But for everyone onboard and I think right now the bear has risen. We’ve seen China and Russia stand side by side and I think they feel that potential power that they can move forward with changing our world geopolitically because the Biden administration is just so weak. And I think we’re going to have to just watch and wait and see. We can’t predict what Vladimir Putin will do but we can say that he certainly has a show of force at the border and honestly, I don’t really know other than sanctions, what the United States could do right now. Because in all reality, the U.S. under the Biden administration made this happen."

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