ABC News: ‘Donald Trump Is Stronger than Ever in the Polls’

‘This morning, Donald Trump is stronger than ever in the polls’

STEPHANOPOULOS: “Our brand-new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows a surge for Donald Trump and Ben Carson, dominating the Republican side. Hillary Clinton dropping fast. Now neck and neck in a match up with Trump and just two days before the big debate. ABC’s Tom Llamas tracking it all. Tom?” 
LLAMAS: “George, good morning to you. That’s right. We're just two days away from the next big Republican debate. And our new poll out this morning shows Trump and Carson’s highest numbers yet in any national poll this cycle. You can see right there, Trump, 33 percent. Carson, 20 percent. But look at Jeb Bush, now slipping into single digits for the first time in any ABC News/Washington Post poll this cycle.”
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LLAMAS (voice-over): “This morning, Donald Trump is stronger than ever in the polls. And in Iowa over the weekend, with the new camouflage hat, but keeping the same tough talk strategy and saying he would hire ruthless negotiators in elected.” 
TRUMP: “If I'm elected, I know the smartest, I know the toughest, I know the meanest. Some are just horrible human beings.” 
LLAMAS (voice-over): “The Donald trumping rivals into political punch lines.” 
TRUMP: “Here's the headline. Carly is surging. She's got three percent. I hear Ben, he's surging. But he's way behind me. I don't think Ben has the energy.” 
LLAMAS (voice-over): “But Doctor Ben Carson on ‘This Week’ trying not the take the bait.” 
CARSON: “That doesn’t bother me because I recognize I have plenty of energy.” 
LLAMAS (voice-over): “Either way, voters are listening to the anti-politicians in the race. Trump and Carson with more than 50 percent  of the combined vote in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll. A sliding Jeb Bush is trying to show voters he's the real conservative super hero, opening his white button down to show a vintage Reagan/Bush ‘84 campaign shirt, a reminder, he says, of what leadership looks like.”
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LLAMAS: “Now, this week, before all the candidates are busy, today, Donald Trump is in the home of the Dallas Mavericks. 20,000 seats completely sold out. George, get this, some people are scalping tickets to a presidential political speech. George?” 
STEPHANOPOULOS: “20,000 seats and probably now ratings records on Wednesday night.” 
ROBERTS: “Probably so.” 


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