Ana Navarro: Jindal Attacking Trump ‘Was a Hail Mary Attempt’ To Get ‘Some Attention’

‘I’m not a Trump supporter, yet I will tell you I find it a little sad that in order for a sitting governor to get some attention’

TAPPER: “Ana, these are some really, really strong words. Bobby Jindal basically said that Donald Trump was dangerous and you couldn’t trust his finger on the nuclear codes. Are these Republicans cutting edge (ph) for Democrats? Should Trump get the nomination?” 
NAVARRO: “I think they’re trying to get out of the pack. I think that this is a Hail Mary attempt by Bobby Jindal who we have not spoken about for the last month, two months, to try to get himself some attention. I agree with everything he said. I’m not a Trump supporter, yet I will tell you I find it a little sad that in order for a sitting governor to get some attention, he’s got to go after -- do an entire press event around going after Donald Trump.” 
BASH: “I agree with that it was a complete Hail Mary. Having said that, he’s also trying to be the grown-up in the room which is kind of ironic because he’s one of the youngest candidates. But he’s trying to be the grown up in the room to say, look, I’m going to say what nobody else in the establishment is going to say. They are all saying it behind the scenes but now they’re too afraid to say it in public. I’m going to do it. The problem is, you know, that -- at this point, it’s a Rorschach (ph) test with Donald Trump. Either you love him for his [indecipherable] or you hate him –“ [Crosstalk]
NAVARRO: “Rick Perry said it. Remember Rick Perry called Donald Trump a cancer on conservatism.”
BASH: “That’s right. Except that he was talking about his policies and his politics. Jindal is doing it –“ [Crosstalk]
TAPPER: “He called him a narcissist. He called him -- called him a hot head.”
BASH: “Yes. And you know, a carnival barker. He is doing it intentionally on the personality not the -- not the politics because he saw -- he actually told me, he saw that the politics argument didn’t work, that people didn’t want to hear about the –“


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