Fournier: The Public Is Angry, Anxious, ‘Asking What Side of the Barricade You Are On’

‘Donald Trump, Sanders, Carson appear to be on the other side of that barricade’

FOURNIER: "The story of the cycle, the story of our times is a dysfunction in our social institutions, especially government and politics, and the public’s loss of faith in those institutions. And the public right now is very angry, anxious, and asking what side of the barricade are you on? Right now, whether right or wrong, Donald Trump, Sanders, Carson appear to be on the other side of that barricade. I spent almost the whole summer in Michigan, and I ran into people I would call “crazy, buts” — Crazy but, Donald Trump is crazy, but, he is punishing the establishment, taking on the media, taking on the government, Donald Trump is crazy, but he’s saying what I can’t say, the country is really angry and until somebody brings positive change, or very negative change, it is going to keep growing."

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