Brooks: Carson and Trump Supporters Show ‘Insufficient Respect’ for GOP Establishment

‘It’s like a mutiny, not a campaign’

TODD: “David Brooks, this fight inside the party, the frustration, and somehow, for some viewers, they might say it’s deja vu all over again.”
BROOKS: “It is kind of amazing, the Christie answer — his first answer to you was not an attack on the Democrats, it wasn’t an attack on Hillary Clinton, it was an attack on Republicans. It’s like a mutiny, not a campaign. The problem is, there’s an illusion in this country, and in the Republican base that you can govern by screaming. Donald Blow—Donald Trump — Donald Blowhard, ha!”
PANELIST: “Freudian slip! You just melted the Internet.” 
BROOKS: “— That Donald Trump can just scream and somehow govern the country. But in a democracy you need a coalition. We have a very tough legislative system, and you need craftsmen. And there is insufficient respect for that right now among the Carson and Trump supporters.”

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