CNN’s Victor Blackwell Calls for ‘Accountability, Not Cancellation’ for Joe Rogan

‘We’ll see if there’s accountability, not cancellation, which some people conflate’

(via Mediaite)

CNN’s Victor Blackwell commented on what could become of embattled podcaster Joe Rogan on Wednesday, but he took issue with a notion that “accountability” equates to “cancellation.”

Rogan has of course been in the crosshairs of artists and others who want The Joe Rogan Experience pulled from Spotify after the host was accused of offering a platform for Covid vaccine misinformation.

Last weekend, it was revealed via a viral video that Rogan had used the N-word multiple times, dating back years.

Rogan, who apologized for repeatedly using the N-word, addressed the controversy on his podcast Tuesday, where he equated the video’s virility to a “political hit job.”

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