Trump to Carson: ‘You Don’t Hit a Person on Faith’

‘You know what I’m really good at? I’m really good at making deals and making this country rich and bringing it back’


"I hear Ben, who is a nice guy, Ben Carson, he's a nice man, he's surging but way behind me. I say what about me. I'm leading. They don't mention that. The headline is Carson surging. I keep saying, what about trump? Well you're leading, but -- and by the way I'm surging much more than him. I'm surging more than anybody. [ Applause ] Because look, I mean, in all fairness to Ben, Ben hit me on my face. You don't hit a person on faith. I don't know him. He knows nothing about me. I'm protestant, I'm presbyterian, and I believe in the bible strongly. No I believe strongly. You don't hit a person on faith. And he was nice enough to apologize. Most people don't do that. So I respect that. But it is a tough thing when you get hit on faith. The one thing we need in this country, we need energy. I see where the evangelicals are supporting trump, largely. And I'm leading with evafrpgel cals. And part of the reason that they like me and I think strongly is they want to see a country -- they are smart people. I may not be perfect -- and they know that. And maybe ten years ago and four years ago, they said, no, no, he's not perfect. He's not perfect. 

"And we can't -- but you know what I'm really good at? I'm really good at making deals and making this country rich and bringing it back. [ Applause ] And I saw Pastor Jeffers and a few of them on television the other night and they said how do you explain to Donald Trump -- and again I'm protestant, how do you explain that Donald Trump is leading substantially, but substantial numbers, with the evangelicals? And they said, because they're tired of losing. They're tired of getting these people that don't do anything. That have no energy. And it's true. People don't have energy. I don't think Ben has the energy. Ben is a nice man. But when you are negotiating against China and negotiating against these Japanese guys that are going to come at you in waves and thinks we're a bunch of jerks because our leaders are so stupid and incompetent and so inept. We need people that are really smart, that have tremendous deal-making skills, and have great, great energy."

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