Krauthammer on Islamist Threat: Obama Prefers ‘Living in a Different Universe’

‘No surprise the country doesn’t want to continue the struggle’

"Look, when you have an operation that's utterly incompetent as the fictional Syrian army, 60 people that we had trained -- all of whom I you believe are lost, missing, or captured, or dead, you have to cook the books. 

"But it seems to me the bigger issue is do we have the leadership, the will in the country. The will depends on leadership to maintain a generational struggle. We remember the Cold War as this wonderful, great victory. We're all united. We weren't. It lasted almost half a century. We had a victory or two at the beginning, Turkey and Greece in the Truman days, and then it was a terrible slog, Korea, Vietnam with defeats, the Bay of Pigs. But, in the end, we had leadership. Every president said, starting with especially Kennedy in 1961, it is a long twilight struggle. 

"What we are getting here and what we got for the last six years with Obama is a president who said this war is unsustainable, it's hurting us. It's changing us in ways it's got to end. As if -- it's got to end. As if we could decree its end. The tide of war is receding. No surprise the country doesn't want to continue the struggle. And it seems to me there is one other mistake. We always identify it with Al Qaeda or ISIS and the Sunni radicals. The other church of radical Islam is Iran. Shiite and it is organized country with a huge economy with oil and we have now, as of yesterday, made it into a major regional power which will acquire nuclear weapons. This is a long twilight struggle and it looks as if we have leadership that doesn't want to recognize it, and wants to live in a different universe."

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