CNN’s Jeff Zeleny: Latest Poll Numbers Show ‘More Challenges for Hillary Clinton’

’37 percent of Democrats now say she’s their choice for the president; that’s down for 10 percent just one month ago’

PEREIRA: “All right. Hillary Clinton's poll numbers, meanwhile continue to free fall. In the latest CNN/ORC poll, her lead over Bernie Sanders has slipped to ten points. And her advantage over the top Republicans candidates has seemingly vanished. Meanwhile, her potential Democratic rival Joe Biden casting some doubt on his own readiness to run. Let’s bring in senior White -- Washington Correspondent Jeff Zeleny – sorry about tripping up on that. Jeff, good morning to you once again.”

ZELENY: “Hey good morning, Michaela. You’re right. Our new poll shows even more challenges for Hillary Clinton. Let’s take a look at these numbers. Thirty-seven percent of Democrats now say she's their choice for president. That’s down from 47 percent just one month ago in August. Now, Bernie Sanders is ten points behind at 27 percent and support for Joe Biden’s climbed to 20 percent. Why is this all happening? Look at this. The enthusiasm numbers. This is perhaps the most striking number of all. Forty-three percent of Democrats in or new poll, say they are enthusiastic about her candidacy, not bad, but it’s down from 60 percent when she jumped in, in April. This puts her right in line with Joe Biden, 37 percent and Bernie Sanders.”

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