O’Reilly: Trump Needs To ‘Knock Off the Petty Stuff’

‘Donald Trump should start thinking of himself as president ... he should put forth incisive problem solving statements’

O’REILLY: “This campaign season is and has been dominated by Donald Trump and that's not changing. New CNN poll of Republican and independent voters has Trump continuing to surge, now with 32 percent favoring him for the Presidential nomination. Dr. Ben Carson, who will be here shortly, is second 19 percent, up 10 points in less than a month. Jeb Bush has 9 percent. Ted Cruz 7. Mike Huckabee 5. Scott Walker 5. Carly Fiorina 3 percent. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio also at 3 percent. John Kasich and Chris Christie clock in at 2 percent each. So it is clear that Donald Trump is setting the pace. And his mistakes have not yet hurt him. Those mistakes come in two forms. First, he gets way too personal in defending himself against criticism. Latest Rolling Stone magazine article quotes him as disparaging Carly Fiorina's looks. Trump says he was just kidding. But a president can't do that and Donald Trump should be thinking of himself as a president. That's how you win. He is not a reality star anymore. Personal attacks get a lot of attention. But Trump doesn't need more attention. Everybody knows him. Instead of lobbing verbal grenades he should begin putting forth some incisive problem solving statements. Look, I have no beef with Trump or anybody else pointing out that America is losing power abroad and is chaotic at home. That's true. Problems are rarely solved in Washington. Poverty is on the rise. And many Americans are furious. Trump has brilliantly locked in on that. And his poll numbers show it. But it would serve him well to knock off the petty stuff and make better editorial decisions. Rolling Stone magazine? Was the Moscow Times not available? Why would you allow them access? They hate you -- Donald. Now, Ben Carson is the anti-Trump, but he needs to sharpen his message as well into sound bites that really bite. Getting into a faith controversy with Trump doesn't do the doctor any good. Comparing Obamacare to slavery is provocative but you need to hammer home your point or risk being demonized as an extremist by a largely dishonest national press. Carson is a good man who understands that traditional values provide far more success than politically correct madness which, indeed, does enslave. Carson needs to hone that message. Jeb Bush also a good man who did very well governing Florida. But his style is hurting him.”

[clip starts]

UNKNOWN MALE: “Having trouble sleeping at night? Too much energy? Need some low energy?”

BUSH: “They have an HSA in some companies. Some companies don't. But I think the norm ought to be –“

UNKNOWN MALE: “Jeb, for all your sleeping needs.”

[clip ends]

O'REILLY: “Trump ad against Bush. Now, I don't know the governor very well. But my advice is you have got to be more confrontational about things you believe are wrong. Show some passion. Passion is no problem for Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee. Conservative guys who see America as a nation in steep social decline. But at this point their messages are not taking hold because of the Trump factor which almost obliterates standard ideological campaign rhetoric. Without Trump in the race, Cruz and Huckabee would be polling better. Carly Fiorina has run a very good campaign so far, establishing herself as the anti-Hillary Clinton and showing courage by taking on Trump. But most voters still don't know who she is. And her business record is dubious to enormous hurdles. Governors Kasich and Christie are trying to break through but having a hard time getting media attention because Trump is getting most of it. Both have to break out in next week's debate in order to establish some momentum which they do not -- do not have now. Rand Paul is done. His isolationist platform not appealing in the age of ISIS and Iran -- it's that simple.”

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