Jon Stewart Blasts ‘Delusional’ Americans For Believing ‘An Outside Agitator’ Is Needed to Sow Division in U.S. Elections

‘And the interesting thing is it speaks to a flattering of, kind of, American exceptionalism’

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STEWART: “Clearly, there must an outside agitator. Do you know what they’re doing? They’re inflaming racial tension in America.”
UNKNOWN: "Yeah. That never existed."
STEWART: "That's not something that we would — now, okay, admittedly, let’s come clean, we did have a Civil War."
UNKNOWN: "And a long slave history, yeah."
STEWART: "And a long slave history, and segregation, and Jim Crow. But we’re completely past that now!"
UNKNOWN: "We're over it."
STEWART: "Look at us."
UNKNOWN: "Yeah. Barack Obama, right?"
STEWART: "Thank you! So the idea that division in this country has to be manipulated by some outside nefarious forces, again, you know, it seems almost delusional.”

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