Mark Murray: Quinnipiac Poll Is Another ‘Tough’ One for Hillary Clinton

‘In this new Quinnipiac Poll her numbers have come down over the last several weeks’


WITT: “Let’s get to Mark Murray and with a good morning to you, Mark, how should we be reading into today's Iowa Democratic poll?”

MURRAY: “You know, Alex, it's tough -- another tough poll for Hillary Clinton. It is important, however, to put this poll into perspective. We recently had an NBC/Marist poll that came out last Sunday that showed her up 11 points in the hawk eye state. The Des Moines Register had her up 7. Other Iowa polls that are had her up at 20 points or higher. But what is the is the constant is that all these numbers are declining for her. So, whether she's ahead or whether she is behind in this new Quinnipiac poll, her numbers have come down over the last several weeks. And that's the reason why you’ve seen the Clinton campaign changed its strategy. They want a more accessible Hillary Clinton.”

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