MSNBC: Rolling Stone Quotes Trump Attacking Fiorina’s Looks

‘Can you imagine anyone voting for that face?’


BRZEZINSKI: "Wondering about your cover story looking at the comments that Donald Trump made about Carly Fiorina. Tell us a little bit about the background on that."

SOLOTAROFF: “It's at the very end of the story. I got back on a plane with Donald and his entourage. We were returning from his stop at a record breaking crowd in Hampton, New Hampshire. Donald had a large meal onboard and sat back, threw his tie over the shoulder and was watching fox's coverage of the speech he had just given and I think they first cut to Scott walker who the moderator praised for being slow and steady and Donald Trump laughed and said, well, he's slow all right. That's what we've got already in Washington. Slow. And a couple seconds later, a minute or so later they cut away to Carly Fiorina and the camera pans in tight on Carly and Donald screws his face up in what I characterize as school boy disgust and says look at that face. Can you imagine anyone voting for that face? Is this really going to be the face of the next president of the United States.”

BRZEZINSKI: "Wow. This is what Carly had to say in reaction.”

[clip starts]

FIORINA: “Well, I think those comments speak for themselves. All of the many, many thousands of voters out there that are helping me climb in the polls, yes, they are very serious.”

[clip ends]

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