Rep. Spartz: Biden’s Border Crisis ‘Concerning to Me as a Naturalized American Who Immigrated to This Great Country’

‘I went to the border three times and what I saw is lawlessness’


SPARTZ: "I know that we have talk a lot about different crises. And we do have a lot of crises. We have economic crisis, we have inflation crisis, we have energy cost crisis, we have supply chain crisis, we have education crisis, we have crime crisis, we have Covid response crisis, we have health care crisis, we have foreign relations and security crisis, we have freedom of speech crisis, we have centralized government and infringement on our rights crisis. But I think there is one crisis that is very disturbing concerning to me as a naturalized American who immigrated to this great country. I went to the border three times. And what I saw is lawlessness, it's issue of national security, it's anarchy and it is a crisis that poses a risk to our sovereignty as nation. And we can see what's happening in the country. Drug cartels are controlling the border. They control drug trafficking and making billions on that. We have the highest deaths from overdoses in our country that ever existed. Our kids are dying and they are making a lot of money. The border is open. No one can control it. It poses risk to our national security.”

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