Michael Kosta Mocks Djokovic’s Deportation: Australia Doesn’t Have ‘Exactly the Healthiest Culture’

‘I can relate to Novak Djokovic’


KOSTA: "And also, I love how the Australian government is proclaiming that there’s some health component to this, as if — I mean, you’ve been to Australia. It’s not exactly the healthiest culture. They eat terrible food. They drink exuberant amounts of beer. A Bloomin' Onion has like 40,000 calories. Trevor. And you’re gonna kick this guy out of the tennis tournament and you still haven’t kicked out the stingray that killed Steve Irwin? You know what I mean? And I can relate to Novak Djokovic because I’ve been kicked out of a bunch of Outback Steakhouses; and same as Novak, they said it was an issue with my visa."

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