Trump Slams Iran Nuclear Deal: ‘It’s an Embarrassment to Our Country’

‘They should’ve even released our prisoners before we begin to talk to them’

O'REILLY: “OK. Tomorrow you are going to go down to D.C. you're going to be in this anti-nuke Iranian rally. But as you know 41 Democratic senators say they will support the treaty therefore it's blocked for a vote in the senate. It becomes not law because it's not that way but the treaty will then go into effect or the deal. Some say it's not a treaty. The deal will be made. So why are you going down to Washington if it's a fait accompli?”

TRUMP: “Well, it's a protest. It's one of the most incompetent contracts. Forget about deals from any standpoint, whether you look at real estate, whether you look at war, it's one of the most incompetently drawn contracts I have ever seen. We could have had much better deal. We could have had a much stronger deal. We should have doubled up the sanctions, negotiated for strength. We don't get anything. We are getting nothing from this deal. And then you look at certain countries opposed to it. Now all of the sudden out of the blue, they come as an example Saudi Arabia they came back. Well, what are they getting? You know what we are giving them in terms of guarantees and weapons and money probably. It's absolutely disgraceful.” [Crosstalk]

O'REILLY: “It's a bad deal, there's no question about it.”

TRUMP: “It's an embarrassment to our country. And there's no way -- even, look, it's not the most important thing but it's very important. Our prisoners should have been released before we even started talking to these people.”

O'REILLY: “That's right. OK. But all of our allies, so-called European allies who didn't step up in Syria didn't want to do anything there. Now they are getting what they deserve because they are too afraid to do anything. They were in favor of the Iran nuke deal. You are talking Germany, you are talking Britain, you are talking France. Yes, yes, yes, yes. See, your strategy seems to me is we go it alone because you wouldn't be able to rally anybody against Iran in this situation or am I wrong?”

TRUMP: “Well, look. You could have -- if we had the right leader, those countries, Russia is going to make a fortune. They're already making deals to send massive missiles all over Iran and other countries are making a lot. You know, we are the only country we get nothing out of this deal, we get absolutely nothing. They are going to spend $150 billion that we are giving them like a payment to make a deal that's bad. They are going to spend $150 billion on terror all over the Middle East, probably all over the world. This deal is incomprehensible. It should have never been made. And now the problem is you will never put that group together in terms of sanction because they are all out taking advantage of Iran and it's a big problem.”

O'REILLY: “It's there. That's right. So you are going to protest tomorrow and just let everybody know how you feel, right?”

TRUMP: “If I win, I will tell you something, a lot of different things will be happening in this country. You won't see deals like that. Even that deal I will make it much, much better. I will renegotiate that deal, and I will make it, and that's what I do. That's what I do in life. I will make that deal much better for this country. That deal is a disgrace. It should have never been allowed and how Obama got away with it is beyond anybody's comprehension.”


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